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    20 марта
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  1. aMinute

    SEO Expert needed for Drug Store

    Цитата: Сообщение от godzilla 99% you're unlikely to find them here...There are a lot of ppl who's able to card them not to manage...cheers! 8) Maybe, but for a store selling kilos of C.. I seriously won't put up a Ad on indeed.com. Tho.. maybe....
  2. aMinute

    SEO Expert needed for Drug Store

    Hello, we are looking for a SEO Expert. We have a german drug-store therefore we need mostly backlinks from german sites but we are also interested in international backlinks. If you are able to help us feel free to message me. Please provide some backup on your skills, e.g reference projects / company website / portfolio etc. Payment only in BITCOIN. Almost everyone wants PayPal, we can't offer that. Contact: ICQ - 36782 JID - [email protected]